how to fill a soul gem

The larger the stone, the larger the soul it can store, although larger gems can also hold smaller souls. Dynamic Soul Gem Filling - posted in Skyrim Mod Requests: I was wondering if someone could possibly make a mod where soul gems act more intelligently. mammoths also have grand souls and can be captured with grand soul gems. This allows you to clear out an unwanted soul from a soul gem (for example, if you put a petty soul into a grand soul gem) without losing the soul gem … Both involve the Soul Magic skill line. Thanks for the A2A. This happens when there is no soul gem small enough to hold the appropriate soul; since you did not have a petty soul gem, the petty soul was automatically captured in the next smallest gem, which is a common soul gem. A black soul gem is the only way to capture humanoid souls. 1. To fill soul gems you need to use either the spell soul trap, or a weapon with the soul trap enchantment. You can empty a soul gem by dropping it on the ground, The Game will select the smallest available gem of the type in inventory to fill. Locations . Yenniku stands stunned before you, his mind in another place... A level 46 Stranglethorn Vale Quest. In order to fill a soul gem, the Soul Trap ability must be used. In other words, if you find or purchase a Grand Soul Gem with a soul in it, it won't work. You need to cast a Soul Trap Spell for manual capture, or a Soul … I have researched every forum I can and tried all the suggestions. But if you start with an empty Grand Soul Gem then fill it with a soul, it will work. When They die, either of these two options will fill the soul gem. My problem is i have tried to fill a black soul gem about 4,322 times over 3 real days with no luck. just message "you must have a valid empty soul gem". Torchbug. They are as powerful as Grand Soul Gems, and can also capture lesser souls. A little advice though, human souls a grand souls, but only black soul gems or the black star from the azura's star quest can hold their souls. By This I mean if you have a grand soul gem, you can either fill it with a grand soul, or kill multiple petty soul creatures to slowly fill it up. Cast "Soul Trap" on the target or have a Soul Trap enchanted weapon to attack the target (must be human) with. Soul … i.e. The following table shows the original Soul Gem information. What do you think of the answers? Also, if at all possible, make it so you can craft soul gems out of other soul gems. Second, ensure you have a spell or enchantment called “Soul Trap”. Filled soul gems can be found throughout the world, but can also be created through the spell Soul Trap. What would be ideal is either: A small soul cannot fill up a larger soul gem. Occasionally, dropping a soul gem you filled yourself onto the ground will cause it to lose its charge without breaking. It’s pretty simple, actually. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. common soul goes in common soul gem, greater soul in greater soul gem, etc.) From the UESP wiki, "Soul Gem" article:. Many vendors sell soul … Killing Mammoth iirc will also get you a grand soul and you wont need a black soul gem or the Black Star to capture it, just the normal grand soul gems. If you have several Soul Gems, the creatures soul will be stored in the smallest gem that can hold it. The price of a filled soul gem is: soul size × value of empty gem. Their soul will be trapped in a black soul gem. For the OP: the mechanics should work that the engine checks the 'size' of the soul, then attempts to fill upwards. Soul Gems are stones that can store the souls of living creatures. The smaller the soul gem, the more purple it is; the larger the soul gem, the more blue it is. Added in Classic World of Warcraft. His soul will then fill the Black Soul Gem. How do you fill a soul gem?, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Questions and answers, Xbox 360 0 0. If you have an empty Soul Gem in your inventory that can hold the creature's soul, the soul will be bound to the gem. Draugrs are petty and common souls, harder creatures have better souls, and humans have black souls. Or, what would be better: If you put a small soul in it, you can now fill it will multiple small souls until it reaches the X level of that gem. They can also be sold. Filled soul gems are used to create and recharge enchanted items while empty soul gems are used in a number of Atronach Forge Recipes. now i have many "empty" soul gems...pretty, minor, lessor, common... i guess i cannot fill soul gems after 3.1.9 update. It wont work if you kill a deer or something. A Black Soul Gem is a special type of Soul Gem that can capture the souls of humanoid mobs and Ghosts. Mbi EntHow To Fill A Black Soul Gem Many images to look at New photos are added daily from a wide variety of categories including abstract, fashion, nature, technology and much more. You have to cast the 'Soul Trap' spell on a person, and then kill them before it wears off. Look in your inventory at your soul gems and you'll see a filled soul gem and captured a soul. Unlike other soul gems, it will not be destroyed when used, so you can use it again and again. Also when you store filled soul gems in a chest or what have you they will lose their charge this mod also fixes that there. First, ensure you have a black soul gem. How do you fill a black soul gem? * Azura's Star is a special soul gem, given as a reward for Azura's Quest, and is fully described on the Azura's Star article. Empty and filled soul gems can be bought from Mystics and other players. Black Soul Gems are for Human souls Only. Should you choose to trap souls, here are the ways how. In Skyrim how do you fill a black soul gem? It’s a damage-over-time spell that traps the target’s soul in a soul gem if the enemy is killed while it’s active. Rewards Filled Soul Gem. If the armor is not bewitched, and you want to add enchantment to it, then soul gems are one of the main ingredients that are necessary for this. Remember, a soul will go into the smallest soul gem you have available. The easiest way to do this is just to have a weapon with 1 second of soul trap on it, so whenever you get a killing blow with the weapon the soul will be captured if you have an available soul gem for it. Using a weapon is easier because you don't have to time it just right. How do you fill Soul Gems? To fill a soul gem, cast the Soul Trap spell on a creature, then kill it before the spell wears off. Soul Gems are for any Non-Human soul. Soul Gems come in different sizes. This does mean you can fill grand gems with lesser souls if you're not carrying a lower quality gem. These can often be found in dungeons with necromancers, the College of Winterhold quests, they are also sold by Enthir in the College of Winterhold and Falion in Morthal. You can find out the soul trap mean from Farengar Sécret-Fire at … General Soul Gem Info First, you need to know what a soul gem is before you even think about enchanting! Ther Black (Azuras) Star is a good call but can only fill it with one grand soul at a time. DCShannon is right, but at the same time it wouldn't be a black soul, which is what you actually need. Soul gems, no matter the type are all filled up the same way. If Soul Trap is active on a creature WHEN it dies, AND you have an empty soul gem it will fit in, the soul gem will be filled. So any Nord, Breton, Imperial, Orc, Argonian, Khajiit or elf. However, once you use them, they are gone forever, unless you are using the re-usable Azura's Star. As of Update 12, all Soul Gems were replaced with Grand Soul Gems, as One 7 years ago. Sign in. For you have the ability to act on your opponent, but only briefly before he dies so you can capture his soul, - considers the ability! Lv 7. The soul that rests in the gem will fill the level of spells partially or completely, it all depends on the gem, what size soul it holds inside. Filling Soul Jewels Getting the Soul Capture SpellTo fill up a soul gem, possess one in your supply while either killing an enemy with a weapon that consists of the soul snare enchantment, or making use of the soul capture mean itself. The more reliable method is to use the special skill Soul Trap. To cure being a vampire; feed on someone to get back down to stage 1 and go to the a shrine (and activate it) or drink a potion of cure disease. Basically, a soul gem is a pretty rock of a light purple and/or blue color that can store a creature's soul to be used as energy. Any Grand Soul Gem already containing a soul (of any type) can also be converted, but it must be one that you have filled yourself. Each soul corresponds to the soul gem with the same name (I.E. - Use in battle: This capability allows you an empty soul gem in the fight to fill. Here's a quick and easy way to fill a black soul gem with the proper soul. It has since been updated. Now you can use the filled soul gem to recharge your magic items and enchant weapons and armour. Find some human somewhere and do this to fill it up. Congratulations! Which will fill the gems with the proper souls i.e petty soul gem with petty souls; grand soul gems with grand etc. Also, don't use that weapon or spell on any non-humanoid because their soul can be trapped in the black soul gem too. The idea that a super cool soul gem can be filled with one petty soul seems like bad design to me. from the lowest possible 'size' gem until the player has a free one. for about 10 seconds on. A larger soul gem can hold smaller souls, like your common soul gem with the wolf's soul, but not the other way around. Use Soul Trap on a humanoid enemy or if you have one, use a weapon with the soul trap enchantment on it in order to absorb the soul. Buy a soul trap spell from him and your set.

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